General Delivery? No So Fast!

Slough Creek Campground on Perry Lake
Perry, Kansas
We have been camped at Perry Lake in Kansas for a week.  This part of Kansas is very rural in spite of the fact that Perry is just about half-way between Kansas City and Topeka.
Trees growing in old silos. Perry, Kansas.

Trees growing in old silos.
Perry, Kansas.

We left Perry on Wednesday ….a day later than planned…… and traveled about100 miles west to another Army Corps Campground near Milford Lake – still Kansas. Temps are extreme …hovering around 100 degrees with the “feels like” at 109!While we were here I had a strange encounter with the US Post Office in Perry. Since we are full-time RV and obviously don’t have a regular mailbox, occasionally we need to have our mail or other items shipped to us wherever we happen to be. So far we have had things sent to campgrounds which works fine if they have full time staff in an office. good at many places where staff is volunteer or part-time. So, for the first time we decided to try the US Post Office General Delivery Service. It is suppose to be simple…you just order something and use the closest US Post Office address for delivery with your name and USPS GENERAL DELIVERY as the addressee.

We wanted to order a couple of things from Amazon including a new pair of Teva Sandles for me (Pretty Rugged Leather…Nice!). Anyway, I called the Perry PO before placing the order to make sure that that was how it worked…all was fine. Order placed; we sat back and monitored all of the package tracking stops (aren’t computers great) that our shipment made until, on Tuesday morning, we got that wonderful, “Your Package was Delivered” text.

Perfect! Right on time! Our plan was to pick up the package, check-out of our campground, and head west to our next stop at Mitford lake where our reservation check-in was Tuesday night.

Not So Fast. We got to the Perry Post Office….it was closed for lunch at 12:00…reopening at 1:30. That’s ok. Lots of small town PO’s do that because they aren’t very busy and they have limited staff. We waited in town….watched a couple of trains….and went back at 1:30. Five minutes later the door opened and I happily went inside and, being the only person there, stepped up to the counter, and told the lady my name and that I had a General Delivery package (big smile on my face).

“Who told you you could do that!?”

(Crest fallen) “Well, I called here and spoke to a woman and asked how it worked….”

“You didn’t talk to me….there are lots of people in and out of here. What makes you think your package is here?”

“I tracked it and got a notice that it was delivered”, I said as I got out my phone. “it was delivered at 9:15″.

“Let Me See That”. She takes my phone and starts scrolling through the Amazon package info. “Well, all this means is that it’s sitting out back on the loading dock! It has not been received here! I am the only person here and I have not been able to check packages in yet…..I don’t HAVE to have those packages checked in till tomorrow morning!

“Well…. (I’m getting irritated now) we planned to leave town today so what are my options?”.

“Where are you….out at the lake? You don’t have any options”. We close at 4:30 and I don’t know if I will get your package checked in by then or not….I don’t even know if you HAVE a package here” .

“I guess that means that I am at the mercy of your schedule”, I responded.

“I guess you could say that.”

“Can I give you my phone number in case you should stumble across it today?”

Ok, but I don’t HAVE to process it for pick-up till tomorrow morning.

We went back to the lake and arranged to stay another night….knowing that we will have to forfeit a night at our reserved campsite. To give her credit….the post office lady did call me at 4:15 to let me know that I did receive a package and I could pick it up today if I could get there by 4:30…not a minute later!

We picked the package up on Wednesday  morning on our way out of town. I got a Very Chilly reception at the Post Office…..guess they don’t like strangers in Perry, Kansas.

Thanks For Riding Along,


The Mississippi Is Rising!

Mississippi River Campground

Trail of Tears State Park

Jackson, Missouri


Ferne Clyffe Bluff

We spent the last week at Ferne Clyffe State Park near Tunnel Hill, Illinois. Ted’s sister Ann and her husband Al own a large property well off the beaten path and that is where our branch of the Garringer Family gather every year for a mini reunion. It is always an exciting couple of days and this year was no different. Activities included hiking, rock climbing, and the brave (or fool hardy among us) tackled a zip line …. 3-lines that send you hurling through the Southern Illinois outback at 40-miles an hour. The “Fools On’a Mission” have wised up a little… we passed on the zip-line.

Mississippi River at campground. The strip of land that Ted is standing on is now underwater.

Mississippi River at campground. The strip of land that Ted is standing on is now underwater.

While we were there, we planned the next move in our slow journey west – we made reservations to spend a week relaxing and hiking at the Trail of Tears State Park near Jackson, Missouri. We stopped there last year and really enjoyed the campground, which is right on the Mississippi River. Unfortunately, when we checked in at the campground yesterday they told us that we could only stay 2-days because the Old Mississippi is rising and by Thursday afternoon the campground road will be underwater. Too bad! So, the first thing we did was decide where we’d go next….after studying the map for maybe….a couple of minutes….we decided to make reservations at an Army Corps of Engineers Campground near Hannibal, Missouri – one of my favorite places.

Ok, with that taken care of, we concentrated on enjoying the Mississippi River while we could and taking care of a little housekeeping. Today we drove into Cape Girardeau where we found a Laundromat and a Lowes.

For a while now, Ted has been thinking about buying an air compressor so that he can easily add air to the motorhome and Jeep tires…you gotta take care of your feet! That purchase always ended up on our “nice to have – but not critical” shopping list, until we installed the wireless tire monitoring system. That system give you peace of mind when you’re driving a large vehicle and towing a car that you can’t easily see. The system has monitors that attach to each tire (6-motorhome; 4-jeep). The monitors keep a watch on air pressure in every tire and give you a beeping warning if the pressure changes significantly in any of the tires. And, it seems that one of our Jeep tires keeps leaking air.

Well, it is all well and good to know when you need air in a tire…but not so easy to get air when you can’t fit into just any gas station; let alone find one that has an air pump machine that works and is accessible in a large motorhome. Ted bought a 3-gallon Kobalt Air Compressor that can pump up to 150 psi and is small enough to fit into one of our storage bays. I am sure that the air compressor will come in handy not only for us but for other campers who my need a little air.

So tomorrow we will evacuate as instructed and head north to visit the land of Mark Twain…maybe we’ll catch a glimpse of Tom, Becky and Huckleberry!

Thanks for Riding Along,


The Class Of ’66 Turns 66

Blackwell Forest Preserve

Warrenville, Illinois


We spent the weekend camped at the Blackwell Forest Preserve near Naperville, Illinois. This preserve has the ONLY Campground in the Western Chicago Suburbs and, it is only open for camping on Friday and Saturday nights. What brought us here?   Ted’s 48th reunion of the Lisle Community High School Class of 1966! Or, as it was titled, “The Class of ’66 Turns 66!

Class of '66 Turns 66!

Class of ’66 Turns 66!

“You Can Get Your Kicks with the Class of ’66″!  I graduated in the Class of ’69. You can just imagine what our “tag line” was.

They had a good turn-out considering that the classmates have scattered all across the country and….well….they Are 66! Everyone gathered for a “meet and greet” on Friday night. Lots of laughs trying to recognize old friends without obviously looking at the name tags. It’s funny, at first you don’t recognize the person at all…. then, within minutes of talking with them, the years melt away and you can see that girl that you dated way back when….or the guy you went on a motorcycle trip to Iowa with….right Mike! (Ted and old friends Mike S and Gary S had a few stories to share).

Saturday night was the banquet and where more out-of-towners appeared. Here are John Govi and Ted reliving the glory days….

John Govi and Ted Garringer

John Govi and Ted Garringer

We had to leave the party early because the campground at the Forest Preserve locks the gates at 9:30 sharp and if you’re not back by then your motorhome turns into a pumpkin and you can’t get in till the next morning. We sailed through the gates at 9:26….whew!

A Sunday picnic at the Lisle Community Park wrapped up the weekend. It was more relaxed and by then most of us “spouses” felt like we knew people too.

Steve Ferrin, Bob Renn and Ted Garringer

Steve Ferrin, Bob Renn and Ted Garringer

We had to check out of the campground by 12:00 so we arrived at the picnic in our “house”.   It was fun showing people through our home on wheels.

By 3:30 it was all over for another year and we were on Interstate 57 heading south to our next reunion: the Frank and Connie Garringer Siblings and Family Annual 4th of July SheeeBang!

Thanks For Riding Along,


Embrace The Pace

At The Newmar Motor Home Factory

Nappanee, Indiana


We are currently enjoying an extended stay at the Newmar Corporation campground in Nappanee, Indiana. Our Ventana is made by Newmar – one of the top-of-the line manufacturers of motor homes. Here in Nappanee, you can tour their plant (we highly recommend that) and stay in their on site parking lot campground for free. We have taken them up on this offer before and enjoyed our stay here in Amish country so much that it is now on our “gotta stop” list if our route happens to take us anywhere near northern Indiana.

Nappanee’s motto is “Embrace The Pace” and we do. Being in Nappanee is like going back in time. The town is rich in history and home to a large community of Amish and Mennonite families that have been here for generations. In fact, the Newmar Corporation is owned by a Mennonite family – the Millers, and about 60% of their workforce are Amish. I am happy to report that 90% of the employees who build all of the cabinetry for the motor homes are Amish. In fact, we learned that about 90% of all the exterior parts and interior furnishings (minus appliances) are built right here on Newmar’s 50-acre property. They also do all of the design, testing and exterior painting on site.

Employees start reporting to work around 5:00 AM in the morning….many arrive by horse and buggy – even more come to work on bicycles. This is not unusual for this town. Everywhere you go you see families in buggies. We love just finding a spot to sit in town to watch the buggies go by. Nappanee provides small lean-to’s where people can safely park their horse and buggy when they come to shop.

Public Stable in Nappanee, Indiana

Public Stable in Nappanee, Indiana

Yesterday we took a walk down a side road that goes past the Newmar property. We were surprised when just around the corner we came upon an Auction House with a produce and hay auction in progress. It was well attended. We stopped to watch for a while.

Amish Parking Lot

Amish Parking Lot

In the auction barn.

In the auction barn.

Waiting Patiently

Waiting Patiently

I tried not to be too conspicuous taking these photos. I do respect the Amish and their privacy but I’m afraid I’m turning into one of those people who follow buggies… sister-in-law Lynn calls it “stalking the Amish”. I’ll try not to get caught peeping in windows….

Thanks For Riding Along,


Noah’s Lost Ark

Army Corps of Engineer’s

Mill Creek Campground

Berlin Center, Ohio


After spending more than 4-weeks in Groton, Connecticut with our family….wouldn’t trade that time for anything….we are back on the road and currently camped at an Army Corps of Engineers Campground on Berlin Lake in Ohio. We are kind-of cooling our heels here, timing our trip, because we need to be in Lisle, Illinois at the end of the month (more on that later).

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon with underprivileged Lions, Tigers and Bears at Noah’s Lost Ark exotic animal sanctuary; where the forgotten are remembered –

Noah's Lost Ark:

Noah’s Lost Ark:

Unlike a zoo, the sanctuary is a place that provides a permanent, safe home to unwanted and abused exotic animals. It is a no-kill facility solely dependent on donations and admission fees – and believe me, the $9.00 per adult admission fee is a bargain to help support these animals—in fact after touring the facility you want to give more. These animals are here because, for the most part, they got too big and too expensive to care for.   Noah’s Lost Ark is home to 125 exotic animals including 50 big cats! Some were brought here by caring owners who could no longer keep them…..many were found abandoned and in deplorable conditions….ALL were nursed back to health and given a clean, comfortable place to live out their lives stress free.   Wolves, bears, lions, tigers, monkeys, cougars, leopards, a camel….you name it…it’s here.

Here are just a couple of the heartbreaking stories:

6-18 Noahs Lost Ark Lionus

That’s actually a tiger in the background.

6-18 Noahs Lost Ark Jax 3

We wandered around the sanctuary for a couple of hours marveling at the wonderful care these animals were receiving….can only imagine how much it must cost to feed and tend all of the inhabitants.

6-18 Noahs Lost Ark Camel6-18 Noahs Lost Ark Peacock back

And our favorite: Kenny. Kenny is the King of the Jungle! We were told that he was raised as a house pet till his owners finally realized that he was going to be too big to handle. He is now 2-years old and practicing his ROAR. In fact, they say you can hear Kenny’s ROAR two miles away…..and in our campground which is only about a mile from the sanctuary. We found him asleep in his pen…..laying on his back….feet twitching as he dreamed. Big cats sleep 16 to 20 hours a day! As you can see by this photo, he is very relaxed and growing well.

Kenny: The King Of The Jungle!

Kenny: The King Of The Jungle!

Thanks For Riding Along,








We’re Moving To Facebook

Hello All,

I opt for “simple” in everything we do.  For that reason, we have decided that maintaining this website is just too time-consuming and, at times, too difficult…frankly, I’d rather be hiking!

We have been posting our logs on both this website and on Facebook and, we have noticed that most of our friends and fellow travelers prefer to read our posts on our Facebook page….www.facebook/Fools On’a Mission.   You can too!  Just log-on to Facebook and “like” our page:  Fools On’a Mission.

I  will be closing this website in a couple of days.  I hope that you will continue to Ride Along With Us on Facebook.

Coll and Ted

Trains, Chocolate and Roller Coasters

Hershey Camping Resort

1200 Sweet Street

Hummelstown, PA

Texas to Tennessee; Tennessee to Virginia; Virginia to Pennsylvania…..we made it to the sweetest place on earth:  Hershey Park Pennsylvania!  Well actually, we are at the Hershey Camping resort which is in the little town of Hummelstown – about ½ mile from Hershey Amusement Park.  We are happily surprised to find that Spring has arrived in Pennsylvania – today was 60 plus degrees and sunny. So nice in fact that the first thing Ted did once we were settled in our campsite (cable, sewer, water and 50-amp) was to wash the Ventana Windshield.  Unfortunately, he did not realize that the dash cam was still running…..I laughed so hard I cried when I saw this video!

The campground is pretty empty today (Thursday) but it will be full this weekend because this is the first weekend of the 2014 season that Hershey Amusement Park is open.  We expect to watch a steady stream of campers pull in tomorrow.  The campground is really nice.  There are quite a few cabins on the property for people who want to camp in-doors.  In Season, they have evening entertainment for kids….movies, personalities, and lots of roasted marshmallows.  There are three swimming pools; a basketball court; volley ball, swings and playground, horse shoes…… all of the traditional campground activities. Looks like a great place for kids to be kids. But the icing on the cake for Ted is that a very active railroad line runs along the perimeter of the campground.  When making our reservation last winter, the person on the phone warned me that some of the sites were close to the rail line.  “We’ll Take One Of Those!”, I said.  Ted loves trains and there is nothing that makes him happier than the vibration and loud, clakety, clakety, clack of a train speeding past in the night.  I am happy to report that he is not disappointed. The best is yet to come.  Tomorrow night our family arrives to spend the night with us here at the campground.  I can hardly wait to see those beautiful girls! Thanks for Riding Along Coll

Back To Long Pants!

Natchez Trace State Park

Pin Oak Campground

Lexington, Tennessee


On Friday, after the big storm, we left Texas and started our slow trek east. That first day we drove about 200-miles and spent the night at a Walmart in Arkansas. Saturday we hit the road fairly early heading toward Memphis and points east. It was a perfect driving day weather-wise but the traffic was crazy once we hit Memphis. It seems that Memphis is always under construction and today was no different …. roadwork going on all around us. We managed to make it safely through the big city but met up with more crazy drivers as we headed deeper into Tennessee. This is a clip of a car that cut in front of us trying to get around a tractor-trailer. Unfortunately, the semi also cut over at the same time. I have to admit that this was a lot scarier in person than it is on the video.

Then there was a “Wide Load” that was speeding along passing traffic.   He came up on our left out of nowhere!  Ted drove off on the shoulder to make sure he could pass us without clipping our mirror.

Our goal for Saturday (and Sunday) night was the Natchez Trace State Park.  We picked it off the map because it was right off of I-40 so we wouldn’t have to travel too far off course.  And, the State park is literally right off an exit on I-40.  Unfortunately, the RV
campground is deep inside the State Park Forest… 15-miles down a back-winding
road.  At one point we thought we were off track so we decided that we’d better turn around…..nowhere to turn around…..finally we came to a dirt road leading to a riding stable at the Wrangler Horse Campground.   Ted pulled in and we found ourselves rounding the barn right behind a horse trailer.  Note the horses and riders on the side of the farm road.  They were a little surprised to see us there.

Thankfully we were able to make it back to the main road heading back the way we came in.  Fifteen minutes later we had to turn around again and retrace our path back to the horse barn because that was the right way after all!

Lucky for us we found the RV Campground before we were totally burnt out.  It was a stressful day but the campground turned out to be very nice and relaxing.  It is right on Pin Oak Lake – a beautiful spot.

Pin Oak Campground, Natchez Trace State Park near Lexington, Tennessee

Pin Oak Campground, Natchez Trace State Park near Lexington, Tennessee

This morning, we put away our shorts and dug our Jeans out of the bottom of the drawer.  As you can see by this photo, we are back to early spring here in Tennessee – no leaves on the trees yet.

We decided to stay here till Tuesday because tomorrow is going to be a wash-out day all along our route north and there is no reason for us to drive in a rain storm.   We’ll just wait it out.

Thanks For Riding Along,



Time To Head Back East

Rocky Point Campground

Wright Patman Dam

Near Texarkana, Texas


We have really enjoyed our 9-day stay here at Rocky Point.  The campground is quiet and the weather, for the most part, has been great.    Spring sprang while we were here.  There were only buds on the trees when we arrived and today most of the trees are covered in bright green spring leaves.

We have hiked an average of 5-miles every day since we’ve been here and today was no exception.  This morning we left our camp and headed out to the dam –2+ miles away.

Wright Patman Dam near Texarkana, Texas

Wright Patman Dam near Texarkana, Texas

Hiker Ted

Hiker Ted

I have to report that our Fitbit flex bracelets (purchased back in Lafayette, Louisiana) have really helped keep us in the exercise mode.  We are focused on getting that “happy party” wrist buzz that you get when you reach 10,000 steps every day.  Hope this lasts for a while… know how it is.

So Tomorrow we leave here (if the weather look good) to start our “slow roll”, as Ted says, back east.  We need to be in Hershey, Pennsylvania on April 11th.  That’s 1500 miles away ……. we’ll do maybe 200-miles a day…..because we can.    Who knows what we may see along the way!


Thanks For Riding Along,









I’m A Former Nun….. April Fool!


Rocky Point Campground

Wright Patman Lake

Near Texarkana, Texas


Rocky Point Campground, Wright Patman Lake near Texarkana, Texas

Rocky Point Campground, Wright Patman Lake near Texarkana, Texas


Rocky Point is now on our list of “we gotta come back here” campgrounds.  I’m sorry to say that I have not updated our campground review page on the web site for a couple of months ( I’m saving that for a rainy day and thankfully, it has been quite a while since we’ve had a full day of rain) but when I do, we will give this Army Corps campground 5-stars.

The hiking here is good.  Lots to explore.  You can hike to the Wright Patman Dam; follow trails through the hardwood forest to the neighboring campground; and walk along the levy for miles.  Originally named Lake Texarkana, it is actually a reservoir formed by the Army Corps of Engineers on the Sulphur River here in northeast Texas. The name was changed to honor a local congressman.  It covers 31-square miles and is open to boating and fishing.  Not being boaters or fishers, we just enjoy its vast beauty and lovely sunsets.

The campsites here are all paved and most have plenty of space for privacy.  You can camp right on the lake or off in a wooded area.  Another plus for us is that the nearest towns, Texarkana and Atlanta, are both only about 10-miles or so away.

A funny thing happened on Sunday, we drove into Atlanta to go to Mass at Saint Catherine’s. We arrived early (always do), and we were the first and only car in the parking lot.  We parked at the farthest end of the lot (always do) and walked across toward the church.  The church has a lovely garden area in front and there we met an older gentleman who was tending the bird feeder.  He greeted us warmly, recognizing us as visitors, and commented that he too parks at the far end of lots so he can get exercise.  Then he gave me a close look and said, with confidence,  “I bet you are a former nun!”   He seemed so happy with his deduction that I hated to disappoint him, but, I murmured that I was a long way from being a nun.  We spent a pleasant 10-minutes talking to him about Maryland (he was familiar with Emmitsburg and the seminary there and of course Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton) and Connecticut (he is a UConn Husky fan).  What a nice guy. We parted ways as others started arriving for church; we went in and he continued puttering.

When the opening procession came down the aisle, our new friend, Father González, was bringing up the rear.  Father introduced us by name to the congregation.  What a wonderful celebrant.  Unfortunately, I could not concentrate on the homily because my mind was spinning, wondering what it was about my clothes, person, hair, attitude ?????  that made Father González so sure that I was a “former” nun.  Hummm….

Back at camp (still puzzling over the nun comment) we took a walk and noticed that one of our near neighbors – a 5th-wheel trailer had water literally pouring out of the undercarriage.   No one was home so Ted quickly ran up and turned the water off at the outside connection.  The flood stopped but a lot of dripping continued.  We planned on a long walk so we didn’t stick around.  There wasn’t anything more we could do anyway.   When we returned about an hour later the people were in the middle of a major clean-up.  Turns out that this was their first camping trip of the season.  The trailer had been in storage for the winter here in Texas.  People down here do not usually winterize their RVs because it just doesn’t get that cold….but this year it did.  Evidently, the pipes had frozen sometime over the winter causing a weak spot in the bathroom pipe which gave way (wouldn’t you know it!) when they were gone…..oh man.

The whole episode caused us to go back to a practice we used to have but stopped when we bought this coach – we now turn the water off at the outside faucet every time we leave for a while.  Not because of frozen pipes but because we have also heard of people being flooded when a pipe fitting just decides to break.   It’s bad enough in a house …. It’s a disaster in a motor home; the insulation in the walls sucks up the water and it’s curtains!

We have decided to spend a couple of extra days here before heading back east because they are forecasting some nasty weather for the mid-west starting tomorrow and lasting through Friday.  Storms and the possibility of tornados.  Just as soon stay away from that!  So we’ll stick around here till at least Friday to let the mid-west settle down.


Thanks For Riding Along,